Saturday, March 9, 2013


I had an opportunity to work with classic 80's anarho punks Warfare. This one will be used for a t-shirt, stage banner and maybe upcoming split 10''. Really excited about it!

Host t-shirt design

Unfortunately never realized.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Iamdisease and other stuff...

Huh, it feels like forever since I’ve posted anything new here. Summer always takes all the creativity out of me and drags me out of the four walls, which is a good thing I guess. At least that's how I found a new sport hobby after 15 years of skateboarding. I bought myself a racing bike and started pedalling like crazy, discovering new places and best of all, feeling like a new person. 
No wonder I didn’t have any energy left to draw late into the night. But sadly, the summer is almost over and I'm afraid that time I’ll spend behind my working desk is right around the corner. At the moment I'm putting together all the artwork for my band's Iamdisease debut album that should be out next month. This is how the front cover looks like: 
I will show the rest when it's ready. Also, don't forget to check a couple of our new songs on bandcamp site!